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Heroin Doesn’t Care so we have to.

Hi, I’m Ron.

I’m a video filmmaker who lives in Kenton County, Kentucky.

A few years ago I started hearing about a “heroin epidemic.” Being a videographer, I decided to make a couple of public service announcements (PSA) about this epidemic. I knew I would need to research the subject. I interviewed a couple of people in recovery and started attending family support meetings.

But, The more I learned, the angrier I became. I had serviced in a volunteer fire department when I was younger. One of the hallmarks of the fire department is planning. We would establish plans, backup plans and even have backup plans for the backup plans. But, I learned that here in Northern Kentucky, an area that accounted for only 6% of the state’s population while making up 60% of the heroin overdose deaths and arrest had no plan to help people in heroin addiction.

Even with so many dying in our area, we only had 11 detox beds, and there was a 6-month waiting list to get help. Our treatment plan was there was no plan.

So my focus shifted from 2 PSA’s to trying to be a part of the solutions by trying to find ways to help people come up with a recovery plan on their own.

In 2014, I started a Facebook page with the goal of helping families learn how to help loved ones in addiction. Today that page has over 12,000 followers. I am humbled so many people turn to Heroin Doesn’t Care on Facebook to stay on top of addiction awareness news. You can join us on Facebook here.

Our twitter page has over 7,000 followers.

In the fall of 2016, I was asked to produce a documentary film about the broken treatment system and how it must be fixed. I have been joined by James Rollo of Rocker Box Productions in Cincinnati. We started production in 2017.

I also wrote my first eBook entitled, “Heroin Addiction & Recovery 101, One Man’s Understanding of the Opium Invasion. You can download your eBook by clicking here.

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