I’m Krystle and I’m a recovering Heroin addict. UPDATE

I’m Krystle and I’m a recovering Heroin addict.

My story isn’t unique. I’m a small town girl. Separated parents, did mediocre in school. Parents worked a lot and compensated ‘gifts’ as love. When I was 14 I had shoulder surgery and was prescribed Vicodin. That was nice!

The same year I started drinking and smoking weed. When I was 15 & 16 I had 2 more shoulder surgeries and the pain meds were rolling in. I messed with Adderall a bit but the opiates were my thing! I drank and did pills every day by the time I was 17. When I was 20 I found out I was pregnant! I quit drinking but could not quit doing pills. I ‘slowed down.’ After I had my daughter I didn’t go out drinking but my Vicodin and Percocets turned into morphine and Oxys.

2012 was a big year. I was introduced to Heroin…. I stayed snorting and smoking it for about 3 months. But then I went to the needle; the point of NO return. Within 2 months I lost my GOOD job. And 2 months after that I was arrested, and Released on Own Recognizance (ROR).

I put myself into detox on Halloween and then a rehab that I only stayed at for 10 days. I left with a stranger to go get high. I stayed at my ex-boyfriends house getting high as a kite for 2 weeks. I barely remember it. Hiding out from my family who loves me dearly and my daughter.

I was a train wreck. I begged my dad to let me move in with him, and to my surprise, he agreed! I got on the Suboxone program and did okay for about a month. I started using heroin again and my dad saw track marks and back to rehab I went! I completed the program and within 5 days out of rehab I was at the bar…everyday for about 6 weeks.
I thought it was okay because I wasn’t getting high. I was sentenced for my charges in May of 2013 (I have not drank since) I started getting high again shortly after trying to hide it. My PO found out and I was sent to jail for 48 hours and once again went back to rehab.
I completed the program and stayed in a halfway house for 3 months. I excelled! I wanted this! I got out, got a job, attended meetings but still wanted to use. I stuffed those feelings and that doesn’t work. Right time and right place occurred and I was high again after 6 months of sobriety. I was using for 3 months until probation caught up with me. March 7, 2014…back to jail I went. I lost it all … AGAIN. My family wouldn’t speak to me. My daughter went to live with her grandmother. I was a wreck.

While in jail I attended meetings and reflected a lot on my life and actions. I was released 6 months later.
I stayed with my boyfriend (who was 18 months clean at the time) and we moved in together. I built a solid foundation in a 12-step meeting, and worked hard. My daughter moved back in with me and October 2014 I found out I was pregnant. Scared. Excited. Nervous. Overflowing with emotion. I kept my pregnancy a secret for 6 months. How dare I bring another child into this world with my track record?! But July 2015 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. I am still with my boyfriend he is now 4.5 years clean & sober, we are buying a house, we both work, and are doing amazing.
Tomorrow I will have 3 years clean!! It hasn’t always been easy…
But every second has been worth it!

Krystle Ransom

PS In the past year I bought a house!!! I became a certified phlebotomist, and I am currently working in a Physical/ Occupational Therapy office. My children are thriving and active in sports. Life is sooo good !

If you would like to know more about addiction please click this link and download my eBook, “Heroin Addiction & Recovery 101, One man’s understanding of the opium invasion.” By Ron Calhoun
Best part, it is our gift from Heroin Doesn’t care for you, It doesn’t cost you a dime.


Lessons From Life – Addiction Recovery & Super Bowl LI

Lessons from life
And so life goes. Did you watch Super Bowl LI?
The craziest Super Bowl I have ever watched.
In baseball they say, It ain’t over, till it’s over.
But in football, it’s generally over when the clock runs out.

But, not last night, Super Bowl 51, who saw that coming?
The underdog Falcons, marched downfield to touchdown, followed by another unanswered touchdown. It was as if the New England Patriots were still at the airport looking for the bus.

After half time little changed and then, BAM. The Patriots found the bus.

They found the bus and forgot to get off but drove that bad-boy up and down the field. Bam, Bam, Bam. That in the final seconds tied the game.

History, the tied lead to the first overtime game in NFL Super Bowl history. And as some say, the rest is history. Not only did New England come back from a historical deficit, they won the game making history as the first team to win a Super Bowl Championship in overtime.

And, allowed Tom Brandy to tie Peyton Manning as the most decorated quarterback in NFL history and become the first quarterback to win a historic 5 Super Bowls.

So, I guess it ain’t over till Tom Brady says it’s over.

BUT, What does Super Bowl LI have to do Addiction Recovery?

You are in the game of your life, for your life. The stakes are higher.

Looking at Super Bowl LI we have learned, you can be so far behind in the game that everyone, including you, have given up.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots were so out of the game that it was like they hadn’t even shown up. They fell so far behind that no team in Super Bowl history had ever come back that far for a win. Everyone believed they were going to lose.

    They all gave into human nature. Looked at the circumstances and acted like humans and lost faith.

But yet the would win.

    Here is what we can learn.

First, they decided to show up. Showing up is half of the success of life. Find the grain of your heart and soul and decide to do something to move forward. No matter how small the effort, no matter how small the step, move forward.

You’re here for a reason and the reason is bigger than you. Everyone believed the Patriots were too far out of the game. And according to Super Bowl history, they were going to lose. That’s when they wrote a new history.

We are writing our own history. It shows we are not perfect and we often screw up. But our new history can show we can move forward, even if its only inches at a time.

When we move forward long enough we will score points and get on the board. The Patriots first score in the game was a lowly 3-point field goal.

Continuing small forward movement, one inch at a time, showing up and doing even a small step and they came down to the final seconds. Moving the ball a few inches and just across the goal line and the New England Patriots tied the game.

But a tie isn’t a win. And it would have been easy to celebrate making history for the come from behind comeback and forget to take a breath, stay focus, say a prayer, and continue to move forward.

Move forward.

Your story isn’t over yet. Pages are being written and lessons are being learned every day. Always move forward, even if only by inches. Do something every day to move closer to your goal line, Write your own history. Then do it again.

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Your Candidate Did Not Win The Debate, and Here Is Why.

If you think your candidate won the debate, you’re wrong, and I’ll tell you why.

This is the final word on who won the presidential debate.

Right after the presidential debate last night (9-26-16) the media started telling us what the candidates really said in the debate.

Yes, millions of us had watched the entire debate, but the news outlets still believed we needed them to tell us what we had just heard. And even worst, they started telling us who won the debate.

Here is the final word on who won the presidential debate.

Winning a debate is something we do as part of a contest in a school setting. For example, high schools or colleges have debate teams. In a team contest, the winners are the team members who presented the best arguments.

But in the real world, i.e. a courtroom or a presidential debate, we don’t hand out ribbons or trophies. We deliver verdicts and elect presidents.

This whole “Who Won” question is reported by news outlets as if winning was what made the debate important.

Most people including the media have lost the purpose of the debate.

Issues! It’s about where candidates stand on the issues.

The person in charge of the event should announce an issue and allow the candidates to explain where they stand. Then move on.

What I want to know is which candidate, if any, agrees with me. Which one, if any, believes what I believe.

How often do you watch the news and hear about where a candidate stand on an issue that is important to you?

The winners of a good presidential debate should be the voters who are better informed and can make better choices. Unfortunately, our present two party system and the news media don’t want you to be better informed.

Rally to declare a medical state of emergency due to heroin/opium usage in Ohio

Declare a medical state of emergency due to heroin/opium usage in Ohio

Rally to declare a medical state of emergency due to heroin/opium usage in Ohio

Petition to declare a medical state of emergency due to heroin/opium usage in Ohio

A number of the Greater Cincinnati Heroin Awareness Groups are petitioning Ohio Governor John Kasich to declare a medical state of emergency in Ohio.

We are having a rally on the steps of the Hamilton County Justice Center, at 1000 Sycamore St., Downtown. The start time is 4PM.

Click Here for the Cincinnati Enquirer article.

Click here to go to the petition.

Please join us in supporting the petition ask Ohio’s governor to help us.

This is the text of the letter heading to the governor.

Governor John Kasich
Because of the current opium/heroin invasion of our state, because of the high number of overdose deaths caused by their use and abuse, because of the lack of medical detox and treatment centers, and because seventy-six percent of the people who want to get into treatment for an opium addiction disorder will never get off of the waiting list:

We, the supporters of this petition call upon you to use your office as governor to declare a medical state of emergency in Ohio to aid people trying to get into detox and substance abuse treatment programs for heroin and opium use.

We call for the State of Ohio to:
o Increase detox and addiction treatment options fourfold.
o Aid in establishing a standard of care that includes long-term care options
o Aid people who are uninsured, underinsured, included Medicaid who need funding for long-term treatment including medication-assisted treatment.
o Assist in increasing the number of sober-living homes in the state
o Develop better training for law enforcement and other emergency service providers to better understand the science of addiction and better education about working with people with a substance abuse disorder.
Greater Cincinnati Heroin Awareness Groups
Heroin Control, Heroin Recovery 4 U, Cincinnati Against Heroin (and other drugs), Families Against Heroin in Clermont County, Heroin News, Greater Cincinnati Heroin Awareness, Warriors Project, Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive, H20-Heroin To Overcome, Rockstar Recovery, Serenity Street, FOA Families of Addicts, Heroin Doesn’t Care.