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About Heroin Recovery For Life

When RoseAnn Breezley aka Mamma Rose learned her son James was addicted to heroin she didn’t know what to do; she didn’t even have a phone number to call. When she later discovered a relative had given James the heroin and had recruited him as a customer she decided to take action. RoseAnn contacted the local police department. The officers explained that James would be arrested and charged with felony possession then placed in a treatment program so he “could get help.” She slept better that night.

But her comfort was short-lived. After his arrest she discovered there was no treatment program and worst the county sheriff would later admit that his office knew drugs were being smuggled into the jail. After testing clean for over two months. James was transferred to the fifth floor, which was known for its ease of access to illegal drugs. Less then two weeks later Rose received the news that James had overdosed in his cell the evening before and was dead.

“What have I done?” she asked herself. “And what do I do now?”

When a friend suggested she start a Facebook page as a way of working though her loss she didn’t see how that would help her or anyone else. She never finished high school, was a terrible speller and never considered herself smart. But she could cry. And she could cry with other mothers who also “didn’t even have a phone number to call.” So, in honor of James, she started a page and called it “Heroin Recovery 4 U.”
Soon people from across the country were contacting Mamma Rose and asking how to find help getting loved ones into a recovery program. In 2014, Rose and a small staff of volunteers helped 400 people find a path to recovery. Heroin Recovery 4 U helps in creating a plan, getting people into detox and treatment, finding meetings and securing sober living housing.

You can still find them on Facebook, just look for, “HeroinRecovery4U.”

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