Lessons From Life – Addiction Recovery & Super Bowl LI

Lessons from life
And so life goes. Did you watch Super Bowl LI?
The craziest Super Bowl I have ever watched.
In baseball they say, It ain’t over, till it’s over.
But in football, it’s generally over when the clock runs out.

But, not last night, Super Bowl 51, who saw that coming?
The underdog Falcons, marched downfield to touchdown, followed by another unanswered touchdown. It was as if the New England Patriots were still at the airport looking for the bus.

After half time little changed and then, BAM. The Patriots found the bus.

They found the bus and forgot to get off but drove that bad-boy up and down the field. Bam, Bam, Bam. That in the final seconds tied the game.

History, the tied lead to the first overtime game in NFL Super Bowl history. And as some say, the rest is history. Not only did New England come back from a historical deficit, they won the game making history as the first team to win a Super Bowl Championship in overtime.

And, allowed Tom Brandy to tie Peyton Manning as the most decorated quarterback in NFL history and become the first quarterback to win a historic 5 Super Bowls.

So, I guess it ain’t over till Tom Brady says it’s over.

BUT, What does Super Bowl LI have to do Addiction Recovery?

You are in the game of your life, for your life. The stakes could not be higher.

Looking at Super Bowl LI we have learned, you can be so far behind in the game that everyone, including you, has given up.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots were so out of the game that it was like they hadn’t even shown up. They fell so far behind that no team in Super Bowl history had ever come back that far for a win. Everyone believed they were going to lose.

    They all gave into human nature. Looked at the circumstances and acted like humans and lost faith.

And yet, the New England Patriots would win.

    Here is what we can learn.

First, they decided to show up. Showing up is half of the success of life. Find the grain of sand in your heart and soul and decide to do something to move forward. No matter how small the effort, no matter how small the step, move forward.

You’re here for a reason and the reason is bigger than you. Everyone believed the Patriots were too far out of the game. And according to Super Bowl history, they were going to lose. That’s when they wrote a new history.

We are writing our own history. Yes, we are not perfect and we often screw up. But our new history can prove we can move forward, even if its only inches at a time.

When we move forward long enough we will score points and get on the board. The Patriots first score in the game was a lowly 3-point field goal.

Continuing small forward movement, one inch at a time, showing up and doing even a small step and they came down to the final seconds. Moving the ball a few inches and just across the goal line and the New England Patriots tied the game.

But a tie isn’t a win. And it would have been easy to celebrate making history for the come from behind comeback, and forget to take a breath, stay focus, say a prayer, and continue to move forward.

Move forward.

Your story isn’t over yet. Pages are being written and lessons are being learned every day. Always move forward, even if only by inches. Do something every day to move closer to your goal line, Write your own history. Then do it again.

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