Well, he is the one who decided to stick a needle in his arm, right? He made a choice to do this to himself?

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William had a wife, children, and ran his own business. Life was good. He was well respected in the neighborhood and you would have been glad to have him as a friend.

Like a lot of people, William had to have surgery. His surgery happened to be on his knee. It could have been oral surgery or like my surgery to have my appendix removed. After my surgery, I was given 60 opioid-based pain pills when I came home. But William was in really bad pain so he was given 120 Oxycontin plus 120 Percocet with instruction to take 4 a day.

Now, it should be mentioned at this time that the doctors, dentist, and others who prescribed these powerful opioid-based pain pills had been lied to. In fact in 2007 executives of one pharma company admitted in court to criminal charges and paid $600 million in fines. (No time in jail) Two of the lies were these pills were not addictive and that they were better for long-term use. Both of these claims have been proven false.

But this was a dozen years ago. And William, the husband, business owner and proud father just wanted to get back on his feet and back to working again. That never happened. Opium is a highly addictive substance. Even when taken as directed.

In 2016, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Surgeon General were warning doctors about the dangers of prescribing opioid painkillers.

William is one of thousands of people who followed doctor’s orders and became addicted to pain pills. In fact, nationwide in 2014 more people died from prescription painkiller overdoses than heroin.

William started fighting the addiction. But, in the meantime, he lost his business, his wife, and family.

So the question is, “Is he the one who chose to stick a needle in his arm?”

Over the next few days, we will continue our talk with William and learn about his problems getting help and his amazing recovery. Subscript today, you’re don’t want to miss his incredible story.

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